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I'm heavy on your shoulders
I'm a weight in your arms
I'm a concrete foundation
I'm an iron charm

I've been battered and bruised
And haunted by my past
The memories, they're taunting me
Oh trust me, they're vast

I can't begin to tell you
But trust me, I've tried
I had the words ready
But yet again, I lied

I promised you honesty
To never lie to you
But really, what's wrong?
I haven't got a clue

I'm a mass of confusion
I'm a muddled mess
But believe me when I say
That I can't love you any less

These emotions are suffocating
All bottled up inside
And let me tell you now
You're in for a bumpy ride

This roller-coaster inside
Is starting to rust and break
It's leaving a hole in me
And oh, how it aches

And when I say I love you
Yes, trust me, I do mean it
But it's never been a blessing
Dooming all those who hear it
CuddleSlut17 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The flow to this piece is great. The first stanza is amazing and creative to me. A piece I think everyone can relete too. More people should read your work. You write well.
MaraJayne95 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much :D i only write from experience, so i didn't think my work was that good, but i'm glad you think so :)
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April 17, 2012
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